How to Shop on Kitara

Shopping on has been made easy. Follow the steps below to shop here on Kitara.

1. Select a product

There are several methods of picking your desired product from our store.

  1. Product Search

Conveniently search for the product you want to purchase by typing the product name in the search field on top of the page. A list of related products will be displayed as shown on the picture below. From the search result, click on the product you want.

search for products

There are several methods of picking your desired product from the store.

  1. On the home page

Featured products from different categories are displayed on the home page. Scroll down the page to select the product you want to purchase.

Select product on the home page
  1. Product category

You can navigate through the various categories/subcategories of the product you want to purchase. The category menu is located on the top of every page on

Pick products using the product category menu

2. View Product

On this screen, your view the image(s) of the product you want to purchase, the product description, specification, reviews, etc. You will see also, the related products for the current product you’re viewing.

3. Add to Cart

Click the ‘Add to cart’ button.

Click add to cart button

After adding the product to cart, click on the cart icon on the top menu or the ‘View Cart’ link as illustrated on the image below to navigate to the cart page.

5. Checkout

On the cart page, click on the ‘Proceed to checkout’.

On the Checkout page,

i. if you already have an account, click to login as illustrated.
ii. If you have a coupon code, click to add the details.
iii. Add your billing details: first name, Last name, Country, State, Town/City, Street Address. You’ll be asked to provide an email address and a password if you have not created an account or logged in already.
iv. Confirm total cart amount and pick a shipping method. If a Payment On Delivery (POD) service is available for your shipping location, it will be an available option to select from.
v. Choose a payment method; Direct bank transfer, Debit/Credit Cards, and Payment On Delivery (if available).
vi. Click on ‘Place Order’ button.

Ensure you confirm you total cart amount, shipping method and Payment method before proceeding to place order.

6. Payment

To make payment for your order, click on the ‘Pay Now’ button.

Otherwise, cancel order and restore cart item(s) using the appropriate button.

Pay for order

Enter you card details into the Paystack secured payment window.

After a successful payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the billing email address you provided earlier.

7. Order details

Click on the view ‘Orders’ button on the top menu to navigate to the order page.

Here, you will see the list of order made. Click the ‘View’ button to view the corresponding order details. You can cancel your order by clicking the ‘Cancel’ button provided.

On the Order detail’s page, you will see more information associated to the order you made.

Note: You can also track your order here.