About what we can do for you

The world of e-Commerce is fast expanding. Almost anything can be sold today online.
Everyday there are new online malls and boutique e-stores being launched.
We know this too but we felt shoppers like you will appreciate the Kitara vibe – colorful, fun, simple and straight to the point.

Kitara.ng is a next generation Nigerian e-commerce store launched in 2018 and our team is made up of creative
and technical minds who have a passion for making things work, with emphasis on simplicity and efficiency.



To provide a simplified shopping experience to all.



To become a worldwide leader in eCommerce through constant evolution aimed at making our processes simpler.



Our core values are TECH…

Our core values



We are committed to assuring you in our ability to meet your online buying needs through the provision of a reliable and robust platform.



We know what it means to want a shopping experience that is simplified and seems tailor-made for us …and we will keep innovating to be able to constantly give you that experience.



To live up to our service promise, we consistently apply the principles of simplicity and efficiency that we know keep us at the top of the game.



We espouse openness, fairness and honesty in all our transactions. Sincerity to you at all times is our watchword.

Finally, we believe that E-commerce without social will be boring. So if you are not yet a member of one of our social media communities, this might be a good time to do so. We want you to meet like-minded like you through us. Click the icons below to join!